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>Facility Management

Facility Management

  • Floor Cleaning Services
  • Road Cleaning Services
  • Refinish Marble Flooring
  • Production Support
  • Pest Control Services
  • Paint Management Service
  • Fa├žade Glass Cleaning Services
  • Fumigation
  • Catering Services
  • Upholstery and Carpet Maintenance
  • Mechanized housekeeping
  • Total Facility Management

Hospitals & Healthcare

  • Maintenance and Cleaning Service
  • Medical Services
  • Hospital Housekeeping Services
  • Attendant Services
>Hospitals & Healthcare
>Waste Management

Waste Management

  • Waste Management Service
  • Toxic Waste Management
  • Sewage Treatment Services
  • Landfill Management
  • Waste Water Pipeline Services
  • Scientific Capping

Transport Services

  • Railway Coach Cleaning Services
  • Railway Station Cleaning Services
  • Logistics and Transport Services
  • Airport Maintenance
>Transport Services
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Why Us

SDV functions to support customer needs with reliable and prompt services to meet your objectives. Using the latest tools and equipment, we ensure high-quality assistance through appropriate measures to provide integrated service at all levels, SVD takes a sustainable approach to provide integrated services for large industries, private companies, medical institutions, and all businesses. Our streamlined solutions are flexible, prompt, and reliable.

Dedicated Team
A multidisciplinary team of experts with roles and responsibilities
Advanced Expertise
Trained workers with work experience and education
Innovative Solutions
Using technology to solve everyday problems
Powerful Research
Keeping business competitive for future growth of businesses
100% Guaranteed Refund
We guarantee satisfactory work or issue a refund
24*7 Assistance
We have immediate response teams for 24 x 7 assistance

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