Dr. Vijay Ranjan


Dr. Vijay Ranjan is from humble beginnings and has now donned the role of the Chairman following years of hard work. His childhood has had a massive impact on him. It helped him realize the importance of being kind and humane. He has done a lot of volunteer work and has the capability to spearhead SDV to great heights. Not only has he been recognized with multiple awards during his career, but he also has with him decades of experience and wisdom. These irreplaceable qualities make him a person from whom you can imbibe knowledge.

Journey in SDV

Dr. Vijay Ranjan has been a part of SDV well before its inception. He has been a part of the founding team and has extended his services as and when required. He also has the sharp mind needed to crunch numbers, with compassion. He is a self-driven person from whom you can learn how to inspire, and be inspired. Mr. Ranjan has brought with him his charisma and his ability to think on his feet to take SDV services to new heights.